Ambassadors for 2022, Semester 2

Meet our full-semester ambassadors!


University of Melbourne – Australia

Hey everyone!

I’m Esther, and I’m so excited to become your friend from the inside at The University of Melbourne! 

I’m a second year BCOM student majoring in Accounting and Taxation. I know, super nerdy and boring but don’t worry, I promise that the journey that you’ll hear about will be much more exciting.

Born and raised in our beautiful Aotearoa while having the majority of my family members in China, I was fascinated with travelling at a young age. Although I was hoping to go to another country this semester, I am nevertheless grateful that I have the opportunity to travel abroad to our neighbours over the ditch! I have been intrigued by The University of Melbourne’s Juris Doctor law degree and I’m hoping to enter into their 2024 cohort after I graduate from Auckland. So for now, let’s just say I’m going over for a quick preview of what might be waiting for me in the near future. 

I have travelled to Melbourne in the past and experienced first-hand why it is one of the most liveable cities in the world, so going back a second time, I’m excited to experience even more while I continue to pursue my studies. 


Korea University – Korea


I’m Evelyn, and for the next half year I’ll be taking you all with me on my adventures at Korea University! I am a third-year BA/BSc student studying Communication and Biological Sciences. Weird combo, I know, don’t ask because I don’t know either.

I’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to go on exchange for a while now and I’m so excited that we’re finally able to experience it! Honestly, for a long time I really struggled to choose where I wanted to go, but I ultimately settled on South Korea. I decided that if I’m going on exchange, I want to go somewhere completely new and make the most of what this experience has to offer…I may have also been swayed by the fact that I had taken a Korean paper.

Nevertheless, I am beyond ready to explore KU, the culture, the city life (day and night), and the food…THE FOOD. Who knows, maybe most of my content will be food related. Would that really be so bad though? Restaurant, café, and convenience store recommendations! Either way I’m excited to share my journey with you as I wander through Seoul, and other cities whenever I get the chance.


Keio University – Japan

Hi everyone, I’m Joe and I’ll be going for a 360 semester exchange to Keio University in

Tokyo, Japan!! This year I’m in my penultimate year of studying biomedical engineering. I’m

so excited to go because this is an awesome opportunity that goes much further than just

academic learning. As much as I am excited to try the delicious food and go sightseeing, I

look forward to conquering the challenges that will also come. I hope to come back to New

Zealand with a new insight towards aspects of my personal and work life, as well as a new

group of lifelong friends. Outside of study and personal growth, I’m itching to go overseas

for the first time since covid! Since my last overseas trip I’ve bought a digital camera and

started a new hobby in photography, so I’m really excited to take and share my photos with

everyone! Stay tuned!!


Esade Law School – Spain

Kia ora, and ¡hola!  My name is Kat, and I’ll be completing my final semester of my Law and Global Studies conjoint at Esade in Barcelona, Spain.

I was born and raised in Aotearoa, but I have done plenty of travelling around the world. I was lucky enough to sneak in a month learning Spanish in Salamanca, Spain, in February 2020 – right before Covid hit! I’m very excited to go back to a different part of Spain and put some of my Spanish skills to the test.

Heading to Esade is also a great opportunity to put my two degrees together, combining the intercultural skills from Global Studies, while taking law papers at one of the top private universities in Spain. I’m very excited about making new friends and immersing myself in the Spanish student life. But of course, a European exchange wouldn’t be complete without a few cheeky weekend adventures around the continent too!

If you want to hear more about travelling in a post-pandemic world, I’ll also be documenting some of my adventures on my podcast, Great Morning Podcast (and @greatmorningpodcast on insta). Can’t wait to share all my adventures with you!


Technical University of Denmark (DTU) – Denmark

My name is Oscar Lin and I hope you are as excited about going on an overseas exchange as I am. Excited about the different culture, the exotic cuisine, and the sightseeing to be done. My destination is the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen, home to Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world. A fact you might find interesting is that Tivoli was created because the King was told that the amusement park would keep the Danish people happy, taking their minds away from politics. 

Why Denmark?

Because of a gut feeling that I can’t quite put into words. There have been only a handful of times in my life where I am 100% sure of my decision without the slightest bit of doubt, and this is one of them. After university, I might not get the time to travel for a while and that makes this once-in-a-lifetime trip even more meaningful.  

I have no idea what to expect and I am surprisingly comfortable with the idea of going to a completely unknown place and I hope you are too. Follow trave_l1n on Instagram for some shenanigans in Denmark and Europe :).