Ambassadors for 2021, Semester 2

Full-Semester Bloggers


University of Melbourne – Australia


I’m Anastasia, and I’m in my second year of a BCom/BEng conjoint majoring in Software and Finance. I’m very excited to be spending my next semester at the University of Melbourne as an exchange student.

When I planned my degree two years ago, studying overseas for a semester was always in my plans. However, with last year’s events, an exchange was looking unlikely, so it still feels a little unreal that I get to go to Melbourne in just over a month!

I chose Melbourne University for its high ranking and the city’s culture, arts and world-famous coffee!

Although Australia is only a short plane ride away, it feels like a strange place and I still a little terrified to arrive in a country where I know no one. I hope this experience will force me to become more outgoing and confident, as I learn to navigate this new place and hopefully, make new friends in the process!

I can’t wait to document my experiences, good and bad, partly to have something for myself to look back on when I come home. But mostly, I hope to spark your interest in going on an exchange or study abroad!


University of Melbourne – Australia

Hey everyone!

My name is David, I am currently in my last year studying Criminology and Sociology.

I am going to be spending my last semester of university at the University of Melbourne in Australia! I heard great things about living in Melbourne and it will be my first time visiting this city. I am very excited for this opportunity and surely looking forward to living in Melbourne.

My goals for this exchange are to try and participate in all the great things offered at the University of Melbourne and make the most out of this opportunity. I also want to expand my knowledge in my majors, Criminology and Sociology.

I am most looking forward to exploring and living in Melbourne and immersing myself in this city. Also, to share my experiences about all the great things about going on an exchange. I hope my journey in this once in a lifetime opportunity will encourage you guys to consider going on an exchange!

Keep an eye out for the blogs and also my YouTube channel for more updates on my daily/ university life and other stuffs! I have not uploaded anything yet, but more will be coming soon!


University of Melbourne – Australia

Hi Everyone! I’m Geoffrey, and I’m a sixth-year law student completing my final semester at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Initially, I was supposed to be on exchange for this entire year somewhere in Asia; however, at this point, I am just happy that I will be going on an exchange.

Although I did not get a choice in which Australian university to go to, Melbourne was at the top of my list for several reasons. Firstly, as Melbourne does not offer an undergraduate law degree and only a postgraduate JD degree, I wanted to experience studying some of the JD courses to see what they are like compared to Auckland. Secondly, having received a job offer at the end of the year in Sydney, it would help in learning more about the law in Australia before starting my career there. Finally, having lived in Sydney for some time, I’ve always wanted to experience living in Melbourne as a comparison.

I’m incredibly excited and looking forward to studying law at the top university in Australia and one of the best law schools in the world. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all, so stay tuned!


Jae Min

University of Melbourne – Australia

Hello everyone!

My name is Jae Min and I will be your virtual tour guide through Melbourne!

I’m a third year Biomedical Engineering student, born in Korea and raised in Aotearoa.

I’m super keen to embark on my Aussie adventure this semester, and looking most forward to making some awesome new friends and learning some mind-blowing things in the field of Biomedical Engineering that can’t be found elsewhere in the world. I am particularly interested in learning the different ways of life and opening my eyes to the diverse ways in which people live – even in a country that people say are very similar to ours! It feels surreal to be one of the only students in the world right now going on an exchange. I am extremely grateful to have such a unique and special opportunity to travel during these times! Having never been to Australia before, I am super excited to finally meet our trans-Tasman partners. Take a seat, grab some food, and lets see what Melbourne has in store for us


University of Melbourne – Australia


My name is Tim and I am a 3rd year biomedical engineering student. This last semester was a big RIP to the GPA so I jumped at the opportunity to head to the University of Melbourne for a semester. I actually haven’t lived away from home, so it would be a great opportunity to experience new things like turning on the dryer and not being yelled at by my mum, to make my bed every day. 

In Melbourne, I am excited to make friends from around the world, have many new experiences and explore the amazing city. I plan on taking many trips around Australia with exploring the dense city life in Sydney and the Great Ocean Road at the top of my list.

I’m sure this experience will include many highs and lows but I look forward to sharing the next 5 months with you.


University of Melbourne – Australia


My name is Sasa and I’m heading off to the University of Melbourne in Australia for the next semester (assuming they don’t have another lockdown and close the borders..).

Ah yes, very exotic.

To be honest Australia was not my first choice of destination when I first applied to exchange. But when exchange to Australia became possible after the devastating shut down of exchange programmes this year I became really excited about the prospect of going on exchange to Melbourne. I had been in 2018 to visit my best friend when she went to university there and it was such a great time and it meant I actually knew a few people there already. I was set on going somewhere completely different and exciting but a bit of familiarity had its perks too and made it less likely for me to be lonely and friendless 😛

I chose University of Melbourne as it is very highly reputed but also because I was considering going there after my gap year.  I have always wondered what it would have been like so now I get to find out! I am in my 3rd year of Biomedical Engineering, which has proved very challenging and intellectually stimulating (to be euphemistic about it haha) and I’m really looking forward to taking some super interesting papers that I wouldn’t get to take in Auckland, eating a lot and going on adventures with new friends