Ambassadors for 2018, Semester 2

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) – Norway

Hi, I’m Jack and I am in my 5th year of a science and engineering conjoint degree. I will be spending the second semester of 2018 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and am excited and curious to see what it is like to live somewhere whose summer is similar to a winter in Auckland, and where winter is like nothing we have in NZ! I will be travelling on my own as well as living in a student village for the first time in my life. As well as this I am looking forward to some hiking, cross country skiing, general exploring, attempting to learn Norwegian and getting a sense for the Norwegian culture. I hope you enjoy my journey of mountains, beautiful sunsets, food, auroras and much more!



University of Exeter – England, UK

Hello! My name is Venice and I’m in my second year of a BA (English major). I am currently overseas, spending time in London before beginning my exchange at the University of Exeter in Cornwall. I chose this university because of the amazing history and several of my favourite authors have been inspired by the area (including J K Rowling, yay for Harry Potter). The campus is surrounded by acres of countryside and is also next door to a beautiful coastal village. I wanted to do this exchange to meet new people and experience studying and living in a different country.

I think it’s the perfect opportunity to enhance my time at university because I will get the chance to learn more about what I love, experience international opportunities and give me a stronger sense of what I want to pursue after graduating. I hope through my posts and photographs to inspire you to do the same! I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures and what there is to see, do and experience in the beautiful Cornwall.



University of Queensland – Australia

Hey everyone, my name is Simone and I’m currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce conjoint degree, majoring in Criminology, Psychology and Marketing. I spent half of my childhood in Australia and had always wanted to go back, so when I had the opportunity to study in Brisbane at the University of Queensland I took it. Brisbane is a city with a population a little larger then Auckland, has 283 days of sunshine a year and has a beautiful river throughout the city. I hope to explore wildlife and national parks across Queensland, many beaches and meet people from all over the world (Brisbane is a very diverse city). I also plan to take this opportunity to take advantage of industry nights and make connections in Australia, so I’ll be giving insights into the University life and events as well as activities I do on the weekends/spare time. I hope my posts will allow you to consider Australia as a country to study abroad in and give insights into life across the ditch!



University of Texas at Arlington – USA

Hey Guys! I’m Josh, and I’m about to head to the University of Texas at Arlington for a semester abroad. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Science/Commerce conjoint, and after 3 semesters in Auckland, I thought it would be a cool idea to jet off to the other side of the world to experience what the true American College Lifestyle is like (not that I can really afford to). This has been a dream of mine for 3 years and I can’t wait to immerse myself into Texan culture and officially become a “Maverick.” I hope you enjoy reading about the ups and downs and the highs and lows during my time in the good ol’ US of A.


University of British Columbia – Canada

Hey everyone! My name is Seb and I’ll be completing my final semester of a BCom/BE(hons) degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! I have always wanted to visit Canada so I’m really excited about this exchange! I love hiking and skiing and I’m hoping I’ll get plenty of opportunities to do both in Vancouver! Looking forward to sharing my adventures with you!



University of Leeds – England, UK

Hi guys! My name is Ashlynne and I will be spending the second half of my third year studying at the University of Leeds in the north of the England in the United Kingdom. I am a BA/BCom student majoring in Psychology, Marketing and Management and will be studying both sides of my degree over in Leeds. I have been to the United Kingdom once before but really only got to see London, so I’m super excited to have a whole semester to spend travelling around the country (and Europe in general) and seeing lots of new things. My hopes for my exchange is that I’ll be pushed out of my comfort zone and have incredible new experiences (especially in regards to trying new food). I can’t wait for this amazing adventure that my exchange will be to start and to be able to share this experience with you all!



University of St. Andrews – Scotland, UK

Hello! I’m Gabbi, a fourth year BA/BCom student majoring in Philosophy, Marketing and Commercial law. I’m heading to St. Andrews, a beautiful wee town on the east coast of Scotland that’s famous for its golf courses and top-notch university. I’ll be there for a semester from September and I’ll be studying Philosophy and Film Studies. During the semester students make up over a third of the town’s population so I’m expecting a great atmosphere with lots of university-orientated clubs and events to get involved in. I’ll be staying in one of their older halls of residence which will be an experience in itself as the hall literally looks like it belongs in Harry Potter and has two antique libraries! I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences with you as I explore the Scottish wilderness and immerse myself in a different university’s way of life.



National University of Singapore – Singapore

Hellooo my name’s Hamish and I’m currently on exchange at the National University of Singapore!! 😊 Here, I’ll be continuing my major in Economics and Finance under my Commerce degree, where I will be taking one Finance module and two Economics modules in my third year. I decided to choose three modules on exchange because I wanted a lesser workload, so I would have extra free time to participate in extra-curricular activities here at NUS and hang out with other internationals. Personally, for me, this is a stepping stone for personal development where I’m going from being completely looked after and nurtured by my parents to living independently as a free soul in a foreign country. I’m determined to make long-lasting and meaningful friendships throughout this exchange and hopefully I’ll be able to travel to neighbouring countries in South East Asia!! Follow me on my blogs for a deep insight into my exchange where I will be sharing my thoughts on my experiences, so I can hype you up for your next exchange! Let’s do it.



Stockholm University – Sweden

Hallå! My name is Lucy and I’m a fourth year Arts and Commerce student, majoring in Politics, Sociology, Marketing and Management. I’ll be studying at Stockholm University in Sweden this coming semester. I chose to go on a 360 exchange programme as a way of getting right out of my comfort zone and challenging myself in a different academic environment. It’ll also be a great way to gain life experience while all my friends are graduating and entering the real world! I’m most looking forward to getting right into the culture of Stockholm as I’ve never been there, and making new friends (I hope!) to travel around Europe with. Follow me for the good, the bad, and the freezing cold – I look forward to sharing it with you all!



University of St. Andrews – Scotland, UK

Hi, my name is Hannah French and am going to be studying psychology under an Arts degree at St. Andrews University in Scotland. I am in my second year and will be spending my second semester overseas. I am so excited and terrified to head to this beautiful and old university. I can’t wait to meet new people and become more independent and learn more about myself as well as other cultures.

Here are two facts about me:

  1. I am a complete nerd (I love books, movies, TV shows and musicals), so anything in connection to any of those and I will be there. I can’t wait to visit all the Harry Potter locations around Scotland and St. Andrews does give me some serious Hogwarts vibes.
  2. I am very introverted so this experience means bursting my bubble and trying something new.



National University of Singapore – Singapore

My name is Licheng and I am a student at the University of Auckland. I am currently in the third year of my Data Science and Business Analytics degree and I will be spending a semester studying Computer Science at the National University of Singapore. I look forward to engaging with the locals and the environment to learn more about the culture and society in which I will be part of for 5 months. During this time, I also hope to travel to a few of the neighbouring South East Asian countries to further enrich my life experience, as well as my palate!



Hae Yeon
University of California, Berkeley – USA

Hello! My name is Hae Yeon (or Angela), born in Korea and raised in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. I’m a second year doing a BA Double Major in Psychology and Education. I will be travelling to the “Golden State” of California to study at the University of California, Berkeley. As the top public university in the world, UC Berkeley is the perfect place to not only challenge myself academically, but also to explore and have fun without the pressures of GPA or international student fees. I’m both excited and scared but I can’t wait to share the tears and laughter of my journey and all that California, and the US in general, has to offer.



University of British Columbia – Canada

Hi Everyone! My name is Eliza and I am currently in my second year of a bachelor of arts in Anthropology and Ancient History. I’m heading off to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver for my Second semester, 2018. I have always loved to travel and experience different cultures and environments, so am excited to combine that with my studies in Vancouver, Canada. Whilst I’m in Canada I hope to get out and explore the area, do lots of walking and sightseeing, and most of all to get to experience the uni culture and get to know my classmates! I’m excited to share my experience here on the blog as a way to not only encourage others to take the leap and go on exchange, but for my own reflection on what (I hope) will be one of the most amazing adventures of my life!



University of Bologna – Itlay

Ciao!!! My name is Ritika and I am in my third year of my Commerce degree, majoring in Information Systems and Finance. This semester I am lucky enough to be studying at the University of Bologna in Italy. I love exploring new places and love food, so I thought Italy would be the perfect place for me. I have never done anything like this before and I think this exchange will be a really great experience for me to get out of my comfort zone, meet new people and immerse myself in a new culture!

Can’t wait to take you guys along with me on my adventure!