Esther: Work Hard, Play Harder

Welcome back one and all to your favourite Unimelb student of 2022! Another post and another semester has passed. I’ve officially survived and thrived in my semester exchange to the University of Melbourne.

Unfortunately, this blog won’t feature one of my mother’s no-doubt life-changing quotes, it will include a motto that I’ve lived by my whole life: ‘Work Hard, Play Harder.’ Let’s begin from where we left off, the start of the end. 

After returning from Auckland to Melbourne to resume the semester from week 9, an uneasy tension settled in between the student body and Unimelb: final exams. Because I chose to take two 2nd year and two 3rd year courses that are compulsory to my degree/major even though I’m still in my second year, I put myself under a lot of pressure to not only learn but to succeed in these classes.

During SWOTVAC (Studying WithOut Teaching VACation), I implemented a strict regiment of arriving at the library at 9 a.m. in the morning and studying until 12 a.m. at night. I’m sure it sounds like a nightmare, and to be honest, it really was. However, my efforts were not in vain as I managed to get alright grades in the end! Although it seems somewhat natural to assume that with hard work comes great achievements, I am still surprised each time that it is actually true.

During this exchange I’ve definitely witnessed myself become more and more independent and confident. There is a noticeable shift in how I carry myself and the way I approach things in my life and I can honestly say that it was completely thanks to this exchange. It has undoubtedly made me more appreciative of my own capabilities and what I can achieve if I really put my mind to it. I’ve even embarked on a short vacation to Sydney after my exams as a way to celebrate my hard work! 

To end my last blog post for this semester on a high note, I’ve actually decided to extend my stay at Unimelb into semester 1 of 2023! So this definitely won’t be the last time you’re hearing from me. I’ll still be your go-to Unimelb student until next year. 

Finally, I just want to remind everyone that you are more than you know, and you can all achieve great things if you put your mind to it. Work hard so that you can play even harder later!

A temporary goodbye from your friendly Unimelb guide 🙂

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