United States of America

University of Auckland students have the opportunity to study at 21 partner universities in the United States of America:

  1. American University
  2. California State University San Marcos*
  3. Case Western Reserve University
  4. Dartmouth College
  5. George Washington University
  6. Indiana University (Law only)
  7. Northeastern University
  8. Pennsylvania State University
  9. Rutgers, State University of New Jersey
  10. Stony Brook, State University of New York
  11. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  12. University of Arizona (incl Law)
  13. University of California (9 campuses)
  14. University of Connecticut
  15. University of Georgia
  16. University of Hawai’i at Manoa
  17. University of Maryland
  18. University of Texas at Arlington
  19. University of Virginia (incl Law and Nursing)
  20. University of Washington
  21. William and Mary (Law only)

Let’s hear what our students have to say…

Abroad at AU was incredibly welcoming and hosts various events at the start of the semester to help seamlessly integrate you into campus life. Through Abroad at AU I was able to take part in a DC photo challenge, attend a Washington Nationals Baseball game, visit the News Museum (an unexpectedly inspiring and moving visit), and tour the famous Arlington Cemetery. Through these events I met many very cool international students who became my closest friends. After only a few weeks on campus I felt at home.

– Joshua, American University

Georgetown is beautiful and has an old English vibe there are great restaurants, clothes stores, movie theatre and the Georgetown University Campus. Additionally, living in DC is guaranteed to provide you with a series of once in a lifetime experiences. For me: – I completed the dissertation for my LLB in the United States Library of Congress, – I saw an oral argument with all nine Justices of the Supreme Court – I sat in on multiple congressional hearings where senators were discussing Russian cyber-hacking and immigration crisis.

– Gemma, George Washington University

My time at IU is now something I view as truly unique and will always consider to be extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to go on exchange and would strongly encourage any student thinking about it to consider going to IU.

– Cameron, Indiana University

My advice for someone thinking about doing an exchange is to just get on and do it. I was at a point where I thought I had run out of time and was thinking an exchange was going to be inconvenient for my degree. However, spending a semester abroad at PSU was, as my cousin described his, life-changing.

– Sam, Pennsylvania State University

Studying aboard at UVA was the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, while immersing myself in an entirely new culture and city, along with a completely different way of learning at the University of Auckland. I can say with sincere honesty that I could’ve never imagined loving UVA as much as I did. To say that time flew would be an understatement; in one moment I felt as if I had just arrived, and in the next I was already preparing to say difficult goodbyes to my newfound friends.

– Cengyue, University of Virginia

Without a doubt the highlight of my exchange was the amazing group of friends I made. I loved being able to play sports I had never tried before at the gym with my friends. I also loved coming together at the end of the day over the dining hall meals to talk to everybody; although it sounds insignificant, these were the moments that made the exchange so incredible.

– Bryn, University of Georgia

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