University of Auckland law students have the opportunity to study at one partner university in Taiwan: National Taiwan University.

Let’s hear what our law students have to say…

When I first arrived in Taiwan, it took me a short period to adjust to my new environment. Although in general, there are more similarities than differences it takes time to get accustomed to these differences in culture, lifestyle and expectations of such a different country. My advice is to be as prepared as you can and to also not have to also have an open mind to learning new ways of doing things.

– Min-Hung, National Taiwan University

The host city of Taipei was very much how I expected it as a major hub in Asia. It had all the characteristics of a big city but also had a slight traditional charm to it with all the various temples and shrines scattered throughout the city.

– Ian, National Taiwan University

Everything is cheaper than Auckland, especially living. I guess people don’t get paid as much but still it’s a lot cheaper. I met a few friends from my first soccer class and joined their soccer team. We trained together, played together and I even took part in the competition. Sadly under some circumstances we only had two games in the first semester and I played entire matches for both games. We drew the first and won the second. Hope they can win the title, and mail me a gold medal. I spent a week traveling around Taiwan after my exams. It was a great experience. Food in Taiwan was very good, and a bit cheaper. There are many kinds of food–rice, noodles, meat pie… I am very glad to be able to live in Taiwan for a semester. I made local friends and hang out with them a lot. I got to live like them, and I think this is the most important thing.

– Peter, National Taiwan University

When I first arrived, I knew absolutely no one. I was admittedly a little nervous about making friends, but once I arrived at orientation, there was hundreds of other students with the same problem, so things sorted out quickly. What’s more, Taiwan has a plethora of apps to meet new friends and it is quite common place to use them. Orientation was extremely extensive and every new exchange student is paired with a local student who will help with anything, not just campus or academic related issues, so by the end of orientation, I felt completely at ease.

– Hugh, National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University’s campus is incredibly big. It was a welcomed change to live so close to the university compared to my one hour commute by bus back at home. I recommend buy a bicycle because the campus is so big, it cuts the travel time across the campus from 25 minutes to about ten minutes.

– Min-Hung, National Taiwan University

During my exchange, I involved myself in various extracurricular activities such as joining clubs as well as volunteering under various organisations. One of my most memorable moments in Taiwan was actually through my volunteering work under an organisation called ICL (International Companions for Learning). Through ICL, I got to volunteer to go to schools throughout Taiwan and undergo a cultural exchange, introducing myself as well as my home country of New Zealand.

– Ian, National Taiwan University

As for the greater Taipei, I found the grassroots art and music scene incredibly vibrant and unique. This was certainly one of the highlights of my time here and kept my free time very much occupied as there is an abundance of it to see. The food is exceptional and incredibly cheap, eating out is about a quarter of the price of Auckland. Infact, buying groceries and eating out works out to be about the same price. I cooked literally three times in a year. Exploring the cuisine is an endless journey full of discovery. Also, the sheer range of different food means that no one could possibly not like Taiwanese food as a whole.

– Hugh, National Taiwan Unviersity

There were exchange students who got by without a bike as well. There are plenty of cheap food options within and nearby campus. The campus is in quite a busy/good location where a lot of young people like to spend time. There is a decent night market nearby the dormitory and a convenience store so you will never be hungry.

– Min-Hung, National Taiwan University

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