University of Auckland students have the opportunity to study at four partner universities in Korea: Korea University, Seoul National University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Yonsei University.

Let’s hear what our students have to say…


If anyone is thinking of going on exchange to Korea- which they definitely should, Yonsei is definitely a great choice! This is because the campus is amazingly beautiful, it was the first university in Korea, and the location in the city of the university is the best.

– Sonja, Yonsei University

Life in Korea is very busy. There were many different restaurants, shopping malls, cafes and entertainment places wherever I went, which I found very convenient. The food and shopping in Korea was very cheap. I loved the various food choices and the small clothing shops that I passed by everyday when getting on subways. The transport was also very convenient. There were buses, subways and taxis that could take me anywhere around Korea, and they were cheap.

– So Hee, Seoul National University


I think the highlight of my exchange was that I travelled to such beautiful places in Seoul with my friends. I found out that the Korea subway is so convenient to travel around Seoul and the bus was easy as well. You can travel everywhere you want by bus or subway!

– Youjung, Korea University

Seoul, the capital city of Korea, was always full of people and traffic, but I only used subway stations to get somewhere, so it wasn’t a problem for me. As mentioned earlier, there was a buddy programme which gave me lots of chance to travel around and experience what it’s like to live in Korea, so don’t worry, your travel plans will be sorted if you just stick to your new friends when you get there.

– Minjung, Seoul National University


Just right in front of the campus there were so many cheap and delicious restaurants – the price is approx.  $8 and above. I love Korean food so I was so happy having a chance to enjoy delicious food.

– Youjung, Korea University

During the year, I did quite a lot of travelling as I did not have class on Friday’s for both semesters. Travelling domestically in Korea is extremely easy as public transportation is so easily accessible. During the inter-semester break, I also took advantage of the fact that I was in Asia and travelled to other nearby countries such as Japan.

– Jasmine, Korea University


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