University of Auckland students have the opportunity to study at eight partner universities in China: Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, Fudan University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of  Hong Kong, and University of Nottingham at Ningbo. 

Let’s hear what our students have to say…


At first it was really daunting to think about going on exchange – the whole thing gave me jitters since I was really afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone and being alone, but I gave it a shot and I don’t regret it.

– So Yu, University of Hong Kong

The advice I would give students thinking about exchange programme is to challenge yourself and choose a destination that is not so common and will push you to work harder and smarter and will also challenge yourself in terms of your personality. Being out of your comfort zone will force you to grow so I think choosing a destination where you can learn and somewhere that is not a common holiday experience is a great opportunity to be exposed to a new culture and understanding how other people live.

– Jessica, Tsinghua University


I wanted to challenge myself by being out of my little comfort zone. Also I wanted to dramatically improve my spoken Chinese language skill as well as written skill by interacting with the native speakers in the excellent Chinese university. Tsinghua University was such an excellent choice of host university, because it is originally well-known for its high quality of education service.

– Sam, Tsinghua University

Peking University has a beautiful campus, which turned vibrant shades of red and yellow as fall set in. The large Weiming Lake froze over and students were able to go ice-skating and play winter sports on it. The campus is located nearby other leading universities in the north-west corner of Beijing. Student life thrives in this part of town. China also has excellent railway networks and cheap domestic flights, making faraway provinces easily accessible for weekend trips.

– Lucy, Peking University

There’s always something to do outside of the university and is super easy and cheap to get around quickly using the city’s comprehensive underground metro. For shopaholics, there are an absurd amount of malls if you’re into tax free shopping and also markets where you can haggle your way to a good bargain. For a day time adventure away from the concrete jungle, Hong Kong offers plenty of breathtaking nature hikes as well as the standard tourist attractions. At night, popular activities include a visit to the horse races, followed by a night out in Lan Kwai Fong to experience of the world’s best night life.

– James, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Hong Kong. This city is so vibrant and alive; a city that never sleeps. Neon lights, billboards and signs light up the streets. The night life at LKF, eating the quintessential dim sum at 3am in K-town. Learning the slang from locals. The fast moving pace of the city and its people. It never seems to stop.

– Fiona, University of Hong Kong

While researching about Hong Kong, people described Hong Kong as a melting pot of different nationalities and cultures but I found that people in Hong Kong well preserved its own, unique culture, while getting along with people with different nationalities.

– Michelle, Chinese University of Hong Kong


When I first arrived in Shanghai, I was amazed by the range of things this large city had on offer, there was a wide selection of food, including all kinds of cuisines, my favourite was the xiaolongbao which is a kind of shanghai traditional bun.

– Muyang, Fudan University

I lived like a Beijinger in my second semester. I rode a bike to and from uni, dodging between cars and the hundreds of scooters on the road at any one time. I spoke only in Chinese almost all the time and found myself having complicated and interesting conversations with both teachers, friends and people I met in my day to day life. My memories of my second semester are dominated by recollections of the time eating with my classmates or preparing together for our exams.

– Tom, Tsinghua University

Studying Abroad at HKUST has been the most unforgettable experience highlighted by the amazing people I’ve met along the way. The piece of advice I could give to anyone thinking of studying abroad is just take a leap and go for it!

– James, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


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