University of Auckland students have the opportunity to study at five partner universities in Germany: Bucerius Law School (Law only), Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, Technical University of Munich (Architecture only), University of Freiburg, and University of Heidelberg.

Let’s hear what our students have to say!

Sierra Chang_Freiburg 1153 (2)

History lay on my doorstep in Heidelberg – where cobblestones pave the streets, castle ruins reside on the hillside, where every building has its own story and allure, and also where the oldest university in Germany can be found. With every seasonal change and festive affair, Heidelberg came alive allowing me to see a new side of German culture and of the town.

– Leilani, University of Heidelberg

Hamburg is a great place to live in. It has the best mix of vibrant nightlife and shopping with beautiful scenery. Hamburg has more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined!

– Susan, Bucerius Law School

Pearl Huang Folkwang_1153

Families and friends would all came out together to enjoy the celebrations, the atmosphere, the food, the drinks and the music. Whether it was saying farewell to summer and hello to autumn, or enjoying the Christmas markets, the German culture I experienced is all about the people coming together, socialising and enjoying the good times. Being caught up in these events was one of the highlights of my exchange, and was a brilliant way of learning more about and embracing a new culture.

– Leilani, University of Heidelberg

Bavarians are friendly people who enjoy working hard, rewarding a day of work with relaxation and celebration.

– Elliot, Technical University of Munich

Food was one of the best things about Munich, and Europe as a whole. Outside of the bratwurst and schnitzels the diversity of food was incredible and I was able to eat a whole international menu while in Germany.

– Romano, Technical University of Munich

Sierra Chang_Freiburg 1153 (1)

Being an architecture student, some of the best education comes through exposure. Not only was I living in a city with some exceptional architectural examples, there are also so many European cities with a rich architectural culture both historical and modern nearby. Some fond experiences were being able to see the buildings that I had previously written on in history essays or referenced in design projects.

– Elliot, Technical University of Munich

Bucerius was one of the best learning environments I have ever been part of. My lecturers came from all over the world, and were top academics or industry professionals.

– Victoria, Bucerius Law School

Participating in physics courses with local German students offered me insight into a different learning culture with very active discussions and a lot of questions asked by students in lectures. The lectures were well paced allowing enough time to digest materials taught, and the lecturers were of very high standard and were very insightful. I would also recommend taking German language courses, as they furthered my understanding of German culture whilst allowing me to quickly befriend fellow exchange students.

– Lillian, University of Heidelberg

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