The University of Auckland students can study at one of four partner universities in Denmark: Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark, and University of Copenhagen.

Our students have given us glowing reports about the world’s happiest nation so let’s find out more!


My first impressions of Copenhagen were great, I was so excited to finally be there after months of planning to go and anticipation. It was the depths of winter but the city still charmed me with its interesting mix of architecture, museums and amazing food culture.

– Isabella, The University of Copenhagen

It’s hard not to fall in love and be charmed by the city of Copenhagen, or also fondly known as “the city of fairy tales”. There is so much that will endear you to it. I felt like I hit the jackpot in terms of an all-round amazing exchange destination. Denmark has been ranked once again the happiest nation in the world according to the UN. Copenhagen is a foodie’s heaven (well known for its great seafood, and of course wonderful pastries), has beautiful water elements with canals lined with old boats, pastel coloured houses, cafes and restaurants, and beautiful old architecture. Copenhagen is known as the city of bikes. At least one third of people cycle to work or school, and no one wears lycra. You dress as you normally would, and this being Copenhagen, you look pretty elegant. Buying a bike upon arrival and riding alongside the tall and beautiful Danes is essential to doing it right. Copenhagen has lots of green public spaces very close to the city centre and a number of the streets in the inner city are pedestrianised. Perhaps their secret to a happy city.. It has one of the most relaxed city centres I’ve ever been to. It’s not bustling with cars and banked up traffic; most people bike or catch the metro and walk.

– Anna, The University of Copenhagen


Bikes, black clothes, and a bottle of Tuborg Green. These are the ingredients you need to be like a Dane! Oh, and don’t forget to wave your little ‘Dannebrog’ (Danish flag) at any occasion worthy of celebration.

– Kerstin, The University of Copenhagen


The biking, and the ease of it, was truly a highlight of exchange. It allowed you to integrate into the Danish culture – and truly explore the very accessible city. The Danish way of life is truly unique – and the Danish people are warm hearted, stylish and speak impeccable English. The central location of Copenhagen allowed me to travel to other places within Denmark – and Europe itself.

– Jack, The University of Copenhagen


My Danish friends showed me parts of the city that I would not have known about otherwise, it was so cool to go out to cute little cafes, restaurants and bars to experience the real Copenhagen. Danes themselves are really friendly when you get to know them and it pays to be outgoing and confident yourself to integrate well. The cost of living was shockingly high, even though I self-catered and was relatively careful about expenses. I tried to do as much of the same activities as my flatmates, such as joining the gym and having ‘Hygge’ nights in. I also bought a bike and cycled to University and in the parks near where I lived. I started to feel really Danish!

– Isabella, The University of Copenhagen



I made many weekend trips with ease across Europe – and found Copenhagen a great place to base myself.

– Jack, The University of Copenhagen

The highlight of my exchange was to be able to travel to other parts of Europe so easily and to make such amazing friends. There are so many special memories of exciting adventures that I will never forget.

– Isabella, The University of Copenhagen


 Top tips:

  • Say yes to as much as you can!
  • Do everything that is free e.g. museums, castles, galleries, student events etc.
  • Read some local literature
  • Visit Studenterhuset (student house)
  • Danish hot dogs and beers are a must try, as are smørrebrød, grød and lakrids
  • Have a good sense of humour
  • Consider budgeting so that you can do all the things you want to
  • Pack warm and versatile clothes (black is a good option!)
  • Buy a secondhand bike

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