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  • Evelyn: 얘들아~~ 고생 많이 했다!
    Here we are, my final blog post. Hard to believe it’s already been four months since I came to Korea. My semester is officially done 😭 Deciding to come on exchange has been one of… More
  • Oscar: Travelling in Europe
    Throughout my exchange in Denmark, I have had the privilege of visiting many other places in Europe and within Denmark as well. It has been incredibly easy to travel to another country and flights can… More
  • Katrina: If there’s one thing Spain has taught me…
    It’s that life is all about balance 🙂 This is going to sound cliché, but time really has flown by! It feels so surreal that I left home 5 months ago to start my (hopefully!)… More
  • Joe: A Day in Tokyo
    As one of the biggest cities in the world, Tokyo has endless activities and entertainment facilities for everyone. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been particularly interested in fully experiencing the autumn here. The four… More
  • Esther: Work Hard, Play Harder
    Welcome back one and all to your favourite Unimelb student of 2022! Another post and another semester has passed. I’ve officially survived and thrived in my semester exchange to the University of Melbourne. Unfortunately, this… More